Exploitation of land for construction of buildings and infrastructure involves extensive mass management where transport of soils and sediments generates a large negative impact on climate and the environment.
A circular mass management where soils and other alternative construction materials (e.g ashes, slag and concrete) are reused, leads to fewer transports and less extraction of virgin material from quarries. WG Reuse of urban soils and sites works for a safe and resource efficient use of soils and waste classified materials for construction.

Research areas

Geochemical, rheological and/or geomechanical modelling

Characterization of geomaterials
Laboratory testing and field investigations of geotechnical and environmental properties

Modification techniques and improvement of performance
Modification techniques (i.e. chemical, mechanical, physical and biological) for optimal reuse, durability and long term properties of modified soil and waste. Field scale demonstration.

Barriers for reuse
Different type of barriers, such as regulatory, organizational, logistic and soil quality issues.

Decision support tools
Tools to support a sustainable land management, low-carbon performance (e.g. LCA), risk assessment and for analysis geomaterial mass flows