Transport Infrastructure


The Transport Infra working group wants to bring the importance of geotechnical engineering to the attention of the European infrastructure sector by:

a) Linking a number of geotechnical developments to the European goals of Sustainability, Availability and Affordability;


b) Stressing the need for improved knowledge and understanding of ground properties in transport infrastructure.

Important documents

The Transport Infrastructure working group has put together a series of documents that describe the importance of proper geotechnical engineering, how much can be gained with future developments and how this all ties in to the European goals. These documents are:

  1. The Position Paper: short and to the point document that summarizes the importance of geotechnical engineering for the infrastructure sector.
  2. The Vision Paper: an extended document with more background and numbers to the Position Paper.
  3. The Strategic Research Agenda: a document showing the areas where the Transport Infra working group feels significant improvements can be made.